Sergey Shenderov to be unofficially suspected in conspiracy scandal

Scandalous Russian Businessman Sergey Shenderov

Scandalous Russian Businessman

Sergey Shenderov was born on June 15, 1977, in Moscow. Known as the Russian investment banker, creator, and developer of well-known Internet projects. Currently resident in the United States of America. He has been involved in the mining industry in Renaissance Capital, and M&A deals in capital markets. Shenderov gained close attention from the international community due to his close ties with both Russian, American and European businessmen, including Russian and British oligarchs and people in the business.

Education and Career

Shenderov studied at Moscow school number 314 on Shelkovskaya. After graduating, he entered the Department of Finance and Economics at the University of North Dakota.

From 1998 to 2005, Shenderov worked as an investment banker at Credit Suisse, Salomon Smith Barney, and Citi.

In 2006, Shenderov joined the Renaissance Capital investment bank as the head of the metallurgical group.

In 2012, Shenderov resigned from Renaissance Capital and founded Magnetic Sand Resources, an investment company for iron ore deposits in the Philippines.

Getting Started on Internet Projects

Together with his classmate Andrei Soloviev, in 2008, Shenderov formed a social network for mothers BabyBlog, the largest portal on pregnancy and motherhood in Runet. The platform has become a popular social platform for parents in Russia and the CIS. In 2014, Shenderov also founded the Preggie maternity app, and a year later, he created another project dedicated to motherhood of Mom Life – Mom Developer – Delaware Wunderkind Media And Technology Corp.

Since 2015, Sergey Shenderov has been living and working in Silicon Valley in the United States, is engaged in his own investment and Internet projects.

Conspiracy Scandal

Currently, Shenderov appears as an unofficial suspect in the government conspiracy against Russia. After starting his work in Renaissance Capital in 2006 as the head of the metallurgical group, Shenderov has been in close business and friendly relations with various large business people of Russia and the UK. In 2008, Renaissance Capital was partially sold to ONEXIM group, owned by Mikhail Prokhorov. Four years later, in 2012, ONEXIM entirely became the owner of Renaissance Capital.

Scandalous Sergey Shenderov

According to the US Department of Justice, Mikhail Prokhorov is a well-known person in Russia who is considered to be one of the closest to Russian President Vladimir Putin. After leaving in 2012, Shenderov became a partner of another businessman, Michael Blum, the suspect in Darknet malactivities, money laundering, and illegal gambling in Macau, China. In 2016, Shenderov received $ 1.5 million from AltaIR Capital, which is suspected of ties to his previous employment with Renaissance Capital, as well as Sberbank, Russia’s largest financial institution. Altair Capital, as it turned out, was 30% owned by a Russian oligarch in Great Britain, Roman Abramovich.

Sergey Shenderov now is known not only for business but also for personal connections with various influential figures of investment business in Russia, the USA, and other countries. According to unofficial sources, he is a close friend of Pavel Skachkov, a top manager of the Kalashnikov concern, who invited Shenderov to his own wedding in 2019.

Another famous friend of Sergey Shenderov, Nikolai Tsekhomsky, is the first deputy of the Russian investment bank VEB. Shenderov also befriended the manager of Rusal, Peter Maximov. All these businessmen are close to the Russian oligarchs, contacting with Russian President Putin and his close associates. Such double ties with European and Russian businesspeople hint to the audience that Shenderov acts as an intermediary between American, British, and Russian intelligence agencies, leading the backroom game.


Wife – Julia Vladimirovna Azarova (April 13, 1985), photographer and model. With Shenderov, they have a common son, Philip Shenderov.

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For now, Sergey Shenderov is in the spotlight of Russian and American intelligence agencies, despite the absence of formal espionage charges. However, unofficial information sources indicate close political and financial and intelligence ties, which may be revealed with a high-profile international scandal. Knowing this, Shenderov and Blum behave extremely cautiously, keeping a restrained line of behavior.